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IAMSU! – Over

Young guy from the Bay.

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Ice-T – Art Of Rap Freestyle

In case you thought Ice fell off ’cause he plays a cop on TV and has a reality show…

From The Art of Rap: Something From Nothing.

Seriously, check this documentary out, produced and narrated by Ice-T, the shit’s amazing.

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J Stalin ft The Jacka – Red & Blue Lights

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Jay Rock ft Ab-Soul – No Joke

Been listening to a lot of Black Hippy lately..

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Black Hippy – Say Wassup

Song starts at 1:46

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PC ft Reem & TC 4800 – Put Me On The Top

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Kendrick Lamar – Look Out For Detox

Im not sure how I had never heard this song until today

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Mac Dre – Retro Dance Record

This song makes me want to pop a pilly

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Nipsey Hussle – Rose Clique

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Mac Dre – Since ’84

Put my old Drizzle playlist on while driving home tonight. This track came on. I turned it up. Got super hyphy. People looked at me strange. Then I drove past my house because the song wasn’t over..

Dope summer song by my guy.. Still know every word. RIP

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Husalah – Kill You

Hus freestyle

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The Jacka and Berner ft. Lee Majors & Fed X – Trafficking

So this dude Berner is one of the premiere weed dealers in the bay area, he owns multiple dispensaries and from what i understand has a massive reputation down there (for instance this is the guy wiz khalifa gets his weed from). His lyrics speak to the extent of his operation. He’s decided to start rapping now and he’s not that good but his content is on point.

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