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Anita Ward – Ring My Bell

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.  This song is a jam.

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Micheal Jackson – Billie Jean (chopped and screwed)

Usually I am not a fan of chopped songs, I prefer the screwing, but this is hella well d0ne.  Slowing it down really brings out the creepiness of the lyrics.

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Bear in Heaven – Reflection of You

Bear in Heaven demand to be blasted in open spaces. This ain’t your earbud aural noise; their hypnotic, textured music is fucking terrifying. I had a high roommate once ask me to turn it down cause it was making him feel like he was insane.
Take the trip and throw on some Bear in Heaven.

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The Cars – Since You’re Gone

After a tough break-up, I pretty much listened to this song on repeat coupled with “I’m Not the One.” I got over that girl (after an emotional eternity), but these two songs remain in my repertoire, because if you don’t listen to the lyrics, they provide a wonderful new wave slow jam for sexual activity.

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