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Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better (Live 1984)

My fave Talking Heads song fa sho.  From Stop Making Sense (1984).

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Roxy Music – Oh Yeah (On the Radio)

I’ve come out of retirement to drop this straight banger from Bryan Ferry’s Roxy Music. “Oh Yeah (On the Radio)” is straight romance, straight pop, and straight bangin’.
I would totally throw on some Roxy for foreplay.

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Television – See No Evil

You should go listen to more Television.  Off Marquee Moon (1977).

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The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

Remember, ALL genres ALL styles here at Straight Bangers.  We spread it around, you guys.  This one off Love (1985).

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Sniff ‘n’ the Tears – Driver’s Seat

Great driving song.  From Fickle Heart (1978).

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Blitz – New Age

One of my favorite songs of all time.

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Hello – New York Groove

Heard this at the bar last weekend, shazamed the shit out of it and have been bumpin it since.   Also heard in the background of some commercial during a playoff game.  Cool story huh?

Hello – New York Groove off their 1975 album Keeps Us Off the Streets.

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Devo – Girl U Want

Some people get confused on who Devo even is; these people are fools. Devo is funny, talented, subversive, and a guilty, nerdy pleasure.

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The Cars – Since You’re Gone

After a tough break-up, I pretty much listened to this song on repeat coupled with “I’m Not the One.” I got over that girl (after an emotional eternity), but these two songs remain in my repertoire, because if you don’t listen to the lyrics, they provide a wonderful new wave slow jam for sexual activity.

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The English Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom

From the album I Just Can’t Stop it (1980), but I know it from the soundtrack to Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) with John Cusack.     The English Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom

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