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Gemini – Candy (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

This song goes. Don’t know much about this Gemini other than I haven’t seen or heard anything from him since I discovered this song in 2007.

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Chief Keef – Kobe

Keef is growing on me.  Too bad he just went to jail for two months today.

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King L – Louie’s Trust Issues

Sampling Drake on that fire instrumental.

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Black Milk & Danny Brown – Black and Brown

Originally from Black Milk’s Album of the Year (2010).

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Kid Cudi – Soundtrack to my Life

Usually not a Kid Cudi fan, but this one stuck.

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Chief Keef – Everydays Halloween

Just getting everybody in the mood for the upcoming holiday.  Bang bang

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Freddie Gibbs – What It Be like

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Nelly – St. Louie


Bumpin some Nelly in the office this morning.  Forgot about this one.  Probably because it’s not a good song.    Off Country Grammar (2000).

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Danny Brown – Greatest Rapper Ever

Don’t really like this dude much but this one is pretty cool

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Black Milk – Losing Out feat. Royce Da 5’9″

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Danny Brown – Grown Up

Not the biggest Danny Brown fan, too weird for my taste, but this song and its video are both dope.

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Kanye West – Diamonds From Sierra Leone

Classic.. Starts at the 1 minute mark

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