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Tenacious D – Tribute

Lotta love for the D.   Jack Black is funny man, and Kyle can shred.  This one off their first album  Tenacious D (2001).

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Iggy Pop & The Stooges – Gimme Danger

Off Raw Power (1973).

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Snake Like Charm – Responsible For

Random ass song that I found back in the Napster days.   I like it though.

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Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade

I used to love Rage but completely played them out.. That being said, they still deserve a spot on here. This is one of my favorite songs by them..

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Metallica – The Unforgiven

Showin love to all genres.  That’s just how we roll at StraightBangers.   Off their self-titled album Metallica (1991).

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UFO – Doctor, Doctor (Strangers in the Night – Live)

If you don’t already have the penultimate live album, “Strangers in the Night,” then get to your goddamn record store today and pick it up. Never before will you have such a melted face. Guitar wizard and a mere teenager, Michael Schenker will blow your mind.

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Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy (Live)

Can you handle Buck Dharma’s fingertips? Cause his guitar barely can!!! SHREDDD

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