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Freddie Gibbs – Slangin’ Rocks

This song is hilarious and has been stuck in my head for days now.  Sampling   “Rock Steady” by The Whispers.

Steady rockin all night long..  Off Gibbs’ mixtape Str8 Killa No Filla (2010).

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New Edition – Cool It Now

Best music video ever.  That is all.

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Anita Ward – Ring My Bell

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.  This song is a jam.

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RIP Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

I’m not really a disco fan, but one of the genre’s greats died today from cancer. This is the only song I really know by her and it is most definitely a banger.  RIP Donna Summer.  From the album Bad Girls (1979),

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Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time

Yes.  Eddie Murphy has a song.  Even though it is actually written and produced by Rick James.  Eddie Murphy – Party All the Time (1985)

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Issac Hayes – Hung Up On My Baby

One of my favorite instrumental tracks, sampled on one of my favorite hip hop tracks: My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me by Geto Boys.

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