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Starfucker – Florida

Showing some love to the Portland scene.   From their self-titled album Starfucker (2008).

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Guidance Counselor – All God’s Children Can Dance

Once Portland music-scene mainstays, Guidance Counselor has since disbanded, leaving behind only their legacy of indie dance hits. Guitar-driven, keyboard-supported, and drum-effected, Guidance Counselor’s debut, eponymous, and only album (2010) celebrates the one thing every Portland band strives for: to get hipsters to uncross their arms and fucking dance.

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LCD Soundsytem – Dance Yrself Clean

This isn’t the actual music video for the song, nor is it the entire song, but this clip from the ski-doc All.I.Can  is  awesome and it features a good 5 minutes of the LCD Soundsystem song, so fuggit.  The full song is almost 9 min long (no one has that kind of time) and off the album This Is Happening (2010).

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Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights

AUGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Dance fucking fuzz rock.
I Don’t Need You

Too bad they broke up, mang.

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Starfucker – Girls Wanna Have Fun

Try not to bop your head to this straight bangin’ Portland pop cover by Starfucker from their Jupiter EP in 2009.

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