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Ludacris – Growing Pains

Maaan I remember some good times with this track.  Full track credits include: Disturbing Tha Peace, Shawnna, Lil’ Fate and Scarface off Luda’s Word Of Mouf  (2001).  Sampling William Bell’s “Forgot to be Your Lover” which is also sampled by Dilated Peoples on “Worst Comes to Worst“.

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Nate Dogg – I Got Love

Totally missed the memorial of Nate’s passing 2 years ago on March 15th. Truly one of the smoothest voices in the game. We got love for you Nathaniel Dwayne Hale (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011).  RIP.  This track off Music & Me (2001).

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Afroman – Palmdale

Afroman is a seriously underrated musician and a great storyteller. This song is absolutely one of my all time favorites.    Off The Good Times (2001).

I need you and I love you baaaby..

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The Coup ft. Dead Prez – Get Up

Hell yeah.  Slap this shit.  Off The Coup’s Party Music (2001).

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Tenacious D – Tribute

Lotta love for the D.   Jack Black is funny man, and Kyle can shred.  This one off their first album  Tenacious D (2001).

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Usher – U Remind Me

On that early 2000’s r&b tip right now.  Off the album 8701 (2001).

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The Strokes – Hard to Explain

The Strokes were awesome.  Maybe they still are?  I dunno.  But their first album Is This It (2001) was great, and I saw them live at the Schnitz in downtown Portland on their first nationwide tour.  Did I mention how cool I was back then?  Don’t worry about it.

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Cunninglynguists – Linguistics

Off their debut album Will Rap For Food  (2001).

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Spoon – Take a Walk

Spoon makes good music.  This one off their 2001 album Girls Can Tell.  

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2pac – Breathin

You don’t listen to enough 2pac.  From Until the End of Time (2001).  

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Dungeon Family – Follow the Light

If you don’t know the Dungeon Family, ya should.  They are an Atlanta-based supergroup featuring Big Boi and Andre 3000 of Outkast, Killer Mike, Cee-Lo and many many other dudes.  This song has Sleepy Brown, Cee-Lo , Big Gipp, Big Boi  and Shuga Luv.  Off their amazing album Even in Darkness (2001).

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SPM – I Must Be High

SPM (South Park Mexican, really a great name) is in jail for some really horrible shit, but this song is cool.  Off the album Never Change (2001).

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