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Anita Ward – Ring My Bell

DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.  This song is a jam.

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RIP Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

I’m not really a disco fan, but one of the genre’s greats died today from cancer. This is the only song I really know by her and it is most definitely a banger.  RIP Donna Summer.  From the album Bad Girls (1979),

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Led Zeppelin – All My Love

Best Synth Solo Ever.  From the album In Through the Out Door (1979).    Led Zeppelin – “All of my love”

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UFO – Doctor, Doctor (Strangers in the Night – Live)

If you don’t already have the penultimate live album, “Strangers in the Night,” then get to your goddamn record store today and pick it up. Never before will you have such a melted face. Guitar wizard and a mere teenager, Michael Schenker will blow your mind.

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