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J Stalin ft The Jacka – Red & Blue Lights

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The Jacka and Berner ft. Lee Majors & Fed X – Trafficking

So this dude Berner is one of the premiere weed dealers in the bay area, he owns multiple dispensaries and from what i understand has a massive reputation down there (for instance this is the guy wiz khalifa gets his weed from). His lyrics speak to the extent of his operation. He’s decided to start rapping now and he’s not that good but his content is on point.

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Lee Majors ft. Philthy Rich, Berner, Yukmouth, The Jacka, Young Lox & YGS – Red Wine (Remix)

Some of the verses aren’t the greatest, I was especially disappointed with Jack’s… I was hoping he would be the highlight but his shit was auto tuned out and didn’t come hard at all, pause, super hot beat though.

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The Jacka ft. Andre Nickatina – Glamourous Lifestyle

Wrapping up bay week with a boom.. Also off Tear Gas

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The Jacka ft. Mistah Fab – Calling My Name

Off Tear Gas by Tha Jack.. maybe the best album out of the bay in the last 10 years.. I’m not a huge fan of Fabby Davis but he really cuts it up on this track..

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