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Biggie’s final freestyle is fucking hot

Throws in “You’re nobody till somebody kills you” at the end…and it sounds a lot like the locals on the album version.  Did Big freestyle the verse? That would blow my mind.

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Notorious B.I.G. x Kanye West – Suicidal Thoughts Runaway

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Jay-Z feat. Notorious BIG – Brooklyn’s Finest

Back when Jay was still aiite.  Off his greatest album Reasonable Doubt (1996).

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Puff Daddy – Young G’s (ft. Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z)

No Way Out doesn’t get nearly as much play as it should

No Way Out (1997)

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Notorious BIG – Miss U


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Lil Kim feat. Notorious BIG – Drugs

Sampling “Bumpy’s Lament” by Soul Mann & the Brothers.  Same sample can be found on “Addicted to your love” by Jagged Edge.   The Re-Up Gang samples Lil Kim’s beat on “Ultimate Flow”.   That little riff is so hot.   This one on Lil Kim’s album Hard Core (1996).

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The Notorious BIG ft. Eminem – Dead Wrong

Man, I had forgotten about this track until work today when it popped into my head and I realized I still knew the whole first verse by heart..

Biggie goes so fuckin hard on this one..

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Notorious BIG – I Got A Story To Tell

I’m a big fan of songs that tell stories.  This is one of those.  Off Life After Death (1997).    Notorious BIG – I Got A Story To Tell

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Puff Daddy & the Family (Ft. Mase, The Notorious BIG) – Been Around The World

I bought this single on CD back in the day. Still bangs.

No Way Out (1997)

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