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Mac Dre – Nothin Correctable

This shit throws me back…

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Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina – Bi-Polar

“Committin felonies and hella misdemeanors, a dog in the yard where the grass is hella greener”..  Off A Tale of Two Andres (2008).

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Mac Dre – Retro Dance Record

This song makes me want to pop a pilly

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Mac Dre – Since ’84

Put my old Drizzle playlist on while driving home tonight. This track came on. I turned it up. Got super hyphy. People looked at me strange. Then I drove past my house because the song wasn’t over..

Dope summer song by my guy.. Still know every word. RIP

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Mac Dre – My Folks

Me and potent crew is tighter than toes in shoes there’s only a chosen few that I might be closer to.   Sampling “Family Affair” by Sly and the Family Stone.   Off The Best of Mac Dre Vol. 4 (2008).

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Mac Dre – Choke’n Off Dank

Absolutely my favorite Mac Dre song.  His first verse on this one is ridiculous.  Off the album Pill Clinton.  

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Mac Dre and Mac Mall – Cuddies Say Yee

It’s macassi on the mic, we playin tennis.    Best. Line. Ever.

On the album Da U.S. Open (2005).  RIP Mac Dre.

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Mac Dre – Raining Game feat. Raphael Saadiq

better get your sponges its coming down in the town

it’s raining game in northern California


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Mac Dre – She Neva Seen


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