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Andre Nickatina and Equipto – Y-U-Smilin

Some more of that bay shit.  Also Equipto is the best Asian rapper of all time.  Jackie Chains can’t touch him.  Off Bullet Symphony Horns and Halos #3 (2006).

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Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina – Bi-Polar

“Committin felonies and hella misdemeanors, a dog in the yard where the grass is hella greener”..  Off A Tale of Two Andres (2008).

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The Jacka ft. Andre Nickatina – Glamourous Lifestyle

Wrapping up bay week with a boom.. Also off Tear Gas

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Andre Nickatina – Soul of a Coke Dealer

The beat is wild and Nickatina’s flows are hella weird, but whatever, it goes.

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